Dr. Mrunal Gawade - Founder


Mrunal has a PhD in Computer Science from CWI, Amsterdam database architectures group. He has a masters from University of California at Santa Cruz, USA. With a combination of his artistic skills and mindset, he is interested in integration of art + technology projects. He is founder & CEO of www.holofil.com a 3D visualization startup at Science Park, is involved in successful startups, crowdfunding projects, and related activities. Recently he launched a new photo-project and a tourism photo-project. More here www.mrunalg.com 

Reindert Hommes - Partner and  adviser


Reindert is co-founder of Tallgrass, a startup at the Science Park campus. He is also on the board of directors of Amsterdam Science Park. He studied Social Computer Science at University of Amsterdam, UVA, at Science Park Campus. ScienceParkCreatives use prototyping lab facilities at Tallgrass for their innovation lab prototyping projects

Dr. Stefan Dulman - Adviser


Stefan is a researcher at CWI, Amsterdam. His research interests are in sensor networks, intelligent system, and data science. He has co-founded two startups turning university research into products. He was assistant professor at Delft university of technology for four years, and has been a visiting researcher at many worldwide institutes.

Dr. Niels Nes - Adviser


Niels is the IT head at CWI, Amsterdam. He is a co-founder of successful startups in data management research from CWI, namely, MonetDB Solutions, and Actian Vectorwise. He is the lead architect and developer of the SQL front-end stack of MonetDB, the open-source columnar database from CWI database research group.

Erik Boer - Adviser


Erik Boer is the founder of Venture Labs and director of Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE Venture Labs). ACE Venture Lab is an Amsterdam based incubator located at Amsterdam Science Park Campus at the Matrix Business Innovation Center. Erik is on the board of directors of many organizations. He has a major in Political Science from VU university Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam.

Sanne van Hees - Adviser


Sanne van Hees is the head of the communications department at the Amsterdam Science Park Business Organization. She is responsible for different brand promotion series execution, event organizations and strategy. At present she is organizing the "Connectable" and "Boundless Minds"  brand promotion series.